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Step Inside: Dallas Georgian

April 27, 2023

Behind the Scenes, Step Inside

Like many people, our clients found themselves moving in the middle of the pandemic to find more space for their family. They were in desperate need of a dedicated workspace at home and hungry to entertain more than ever once restrictions lifted. Inspired by 18th century English homes, we sought to add character, color and Georgian flair to their new-to-them basic suburban home.

the space

Although it had some interesting features (inlaid floors in the entry, 7in baseboards, et cetera) the overall effect was boring and outdated.

the inspiration


the design

What’s a young family to do in a house without a mudroom? Easy. Make the entryway high-style and high-function with oodles of concealed storage and a few key luxury finishes. That’s exactly what we did for this young family by pairing wood and stone inlaid floors with an antique dresser and artful accessories. The result is a streamlined entryway that doesn’t skimp on style, and still has plenty of drawers for stashing keys, dog leashes and sidewalk chalk.

We helped them create the perfect atmosphere for casual Sunday brunches and sparkling dinner parties alike by dousing the walls in a warm chocolate brown and incorporating touches of chinoiserie that play off the exotic theme of the mural.

As a working mom, our female client valued having a space that was creative and inspiring but also calm compared to the chaos of life with little kids. Drawing heavily on an ‘English country house’ aesthetic, we developed a colorful, quirky design scheme, full of concealed storage, that feels fancy but not fussy.

P.S. After we finished designing the communal spaces of this home we were invited back to tackle the kids’ rooms, see that work here.

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