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A hand-drawn rendering of a historic Highland Park home.

What to Know About: Designing in Historic Highland Park

February 20, 2023

Dallas, What to Know

Highland Park is one of our very favorite neighborhoods in Dallas!
The area was developed as a suburb after World War II and has been cited as one of the best places to live in America by several publications including Money Magazine and Forbes Magazine.
It’s also home to several architecturally significant homes designed by renowned architects.

Architecture of Highland Park

The architecture of Highland Park is a mix of styles, with a strong focus on the Arts & Crafts movement. Many homes were designed by prominent architects such as William Sidney Pittman, who designed many houses in Dallas’ Kessler Park neighborhood. He also designed several buildings on Highland Park’s Main Street and along Knox Street.

Some notable architects who designed homes in Highland Park include:

  • George Kessler (1854-1923)
  • William G. Farrington (1863-1930)
  • Jules Henri de Sibour (1833-1910)

Architectural Features of Highland Park

Highland Park is a beautiful neighborhood with a lot of architectural features that make it stand out from other Dallas neighborhoods. Here are some of the most unique elements:

  • Unique Facades – The facade of each home has its own style and character, making Highland Park an eclectic neighborhood. You’ll find Colonial Revival, Tudor, Spanish and Mediterranean-inspired homes.
  • Decorative Details – Many homes have decorative details like stone carvings or stained glass windows that add to their beauty and charm.

Historic Preservation in Highland Park

Preservation efforts have been ongoing since the neighborhood was first established in the early 1900s. The Park Cities Historic and Preservation Society has been instrumental in preserving the area’s historic integrity by advocating for restorations and other preservation-related activities.

Tours of Highland Park

Park Cities Historic and Preservation Society offers annual home tours and host lectures about various architecture-related topics throughout the year.

Highland Park is an amazing neighborhood that has a lot to offer. The architecture is beautiful, with so many special homes, and we love helping clients make them their own.

Getting ready to buy your new home in Highland Park? We’d love to be the design team to help you make it yours. Get in touch today.

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