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Step Inside: Carolina Bungalow

February 22, 2023

Step Inside

Sometimes clients become friends, and sometimes we are lucky enough to have our friends become clients. After several years living abroad, my friend Chelsie and her Aussie husband purchased a small ‘builder basic’ home in Myrtle Beach as a place to land while they established a more permanent home in the states. Chelsie reached out to us to help her bring her modern coastal sensibilities to the space and make it more functional for their family.

the space

The home was built in the early 2000s and had been used as a vacation rental. So, while all of the finishes were in excellent shape, they were certainly outdated and very basic. The covered patio space adjacent to the family room also wasn’t serving the family as best it could, since the South Carolina weather meant there are many days when it’s too hot and sticky to comfortably play outside.

our inspiration

Our primary goals were to update the space and give it more character. We wanted the rooms to be more functional for Chelsie’s family, and to be durable enough to be used as a rental again in the future. The clients loved coastal style, warm textures, and a comfortable indoor-outdoor flow.

the design

The first challenge we tackled was transforming the covered patio into an enclosed playroom. This meant the clients could get all of their young son’s toys out of the main living space and add some much needed storage. Our scheme included light colors and natural materials to bring in a modern coastal feeling.

We also gave a modern coastal facelift to the kitchen by painting the existing cabinets and bringing in new backsplash, countertops, hardware and flooring.

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